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Digital Artist

Creating Visuals since 2000.

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I am an artist with deep roots in traditional art, and drawing, sculpture, and painting are my eternal passions. The transition into the world of digital art has organically evolved in my career, starting 15 years ago. My fascination with science has led me to explore anatomy, medical art, and ultimately, medical animations. Over the years, I have continued to assist companies worldwide in explaining prototypes, patent applications, and medical procedures.

Today, I find myself here, engaging in this activity at an advanced level, combining multiple creative techniques, from drawing to 3D renderings, in the most sophisticated software programs. I invite you to join me on a journey of understanding this wonderful world through art.

I firmly believe that understanding the world is the key to the success of every individual. My humble contribution is to try to use my skills to illuminate concepts that are difficult to grasp.

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