• Vali Lancea

Anatomy art

My first anatomy illustrations were bad, they were not clear and they reflect very well my skills at that moment. My art was not bad from a didactic point of view but from a commercial perspective I had low quality artworks. The following image is not my first anatomy illustration but it is one of my first paid projects.

The following years I kept learning about human body, systems, anatomy, tissue looks, scientific language, latin naming of body parts and all that beautiful stuff. I learned what anterior/posterior/superior/inferior/medial/caudal mean, but most important I learned from people around about quality, opinions, offence, personality. Some of my recent medical related projects get better and better quality-wise and most important, I get the clients better, I understand them, I read the scripts more easily.

This piece was built for a client a couple of years back:

This year, 2020, I built some interesting visuals. The technique changed a bit. I do not work exclusively 2d, now I use Blender, Zbrush, Cinema 4d and other rendering software to start my visuals and then I go in 3d to give them my artist touch, as 3d can look a bit too dry. The next image was done a year ago:

And finally this one was done this year:

So please keep at it. If you are just starting, the things will go better and better.

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