• Vali Lancea

Making money from Art Contests

If you are a freelancer artist for sure you heard about art contests. Some of them with real prizes, some of them made more for showing your work, all art contests are important and have their own magic. I will talk a little bit about money driven ones.

I participated in money prize contests on 99designs.com and I won a couple of them with artworks like this:


I use this platform as a hobby. From time to time I like to get into a real challenge with real prizes and most important without any way of the contest being rigged. So the challenge is to convince a client that your work is the best option for him. How do you do that?


Always do your best art - the best you are able at that moment - at some point you will look at it and think is not good but that does not matter.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Read the brief carefully

  2. Imagine you are the client

  3. Design something cool

  4. Communicate with the client

  5. Implement the clients feedback without getting sick (that's a though one)

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