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Art as a therapy

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

It happened a couple years back. I had some issues with depression and a friend of mine suggested going to a therapist. I was not interested at the beginning but eventually I went to see one.

Art is therapy, digital illustrations portrait beauty pretty
Art Therapy Losing a friend

The Therapist

I entered in this cozy house and in a feng shui inspired environment was her therapy room. My therapist was a lady, 50+ very skinny and pleasant to be around. I was a bit skeptic in the beginning but I was always interested about philosophy and psychology so I was very happy and interested to talk with her. I was interested in what she thinks about her existence and how she deals with ephemerality. She was opened and from the start we discussed about religion, life, death, our place in society and our feelings. She expressed her way of dealing with things and I expressed mine. In one year of therapy I managed to cut off a big chunk of the toxicity I was cultivating in my life and my art. She helped me to let the colors play in my artworks and I will always be grateful for that.

Last inspiration

Yesterday, the friend who recommended her called me and told me she died. I sent her a message of thankfulness a month ago, and now she is gone. The artwork above is inspired by this awesome being.

The artworks below show the update I had after meeting her.

It takes something

It took me a while to change my perception about the reality and how to deal with the thought that everything is meaningless and ephemer but eventually I got in a place where I can taste some color. #story #art #feelings #beauty #design #originalcharacter #graphicdesign #arte #drawings #digitalsketch #fantasy #creative #cartoon #arts #artsy #wacom #sketching #contemporaryart #character #paint #color #artistsofinstagram #illustrationartists #artistic #valilancea

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