• Vali Lancea

Designing for businesses

From time to time, a client will come, usually a recommendation from another client or from a friend. And he/she has a business with less or no branding elements. That is the moment when I know my job will be very interesting. A client without a image is like a blank canvas for me, all the possibilities unveil. I see this as a good news, I know, it can be a nightmare, but for me is awesome, I have the chance to "get" what the client thinks, what matters for the business, where the thin ice is and how to figure out how to put the basis for a brand early on. This is how this kind of designs take shape.

Of course, I will not forget my strokes no matter what - but still, keep in mind that the artwork should mean a lot for someone else and most important, should help the business.

The conclusion, if you are facing clients at the beginning of their road, do not be scared, look at them as blank canvases and help them write their stories.

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