• Vali Lancea

Digital artist's Hardware

Believe it or not, I started drawing on a bamboo tablet. A small white wacom tablet made for kids probably that came together with Artrage, a software that mimics very well the traditional mediums. Along the years I tried multiple tablets and most notable are the following:

Intuos 3 - a tablet built as a tank - that tablet works today - my daughter works on it as we speak

Intuos 4 - I am also still using a intuos 4 large at my day-to-day rigg

Intuos 5 - I have a medium one that I bought for traveling - do it use it anymore, I borrowed it to a dear friend(the finish is scratching very easily)

Cintiq 22hd - the biggest disappointment from wacom, a 22 inch display tablet with FHD resolution. You can see the pixels very clearly! Also it broke after 2 years, I still have the dead body of it

Xp-pen Artist12 - my newest tablet for traveling FHD on a small surface - yes please! I am using is when I draw from the couch.

Best ones: Intuos 3/4, xp pen artist

On my wish list: xp pen 15.6 - Never touched it but the price is lower than wacom's and the quality is comparable. I did tried the new cintiq 13 at comic con last year - not much different than xp pen.

Computer - I have the same one fro 4-5 years now:

Intel 4770k, 32 gb RAM (ddr3), quadro k2200, SSD for system and apps.

Monitors: Dell Ultrasharp 24-27" one of each.

Peripherals: keyboard and mouse Logitech K520 and G602, Headphones - Hyper-x

And that's it, with this I made a living for the past years.

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