• Vali Lancea

Freelancer life

It might look a bit weird being a freelancer if you are a down-to-earth responsible person, with a couple of kids and no safety net - some people would say.

I am a full time freelancer for over 6 years now, I have two kids and I do not have any safety net like wealthy relatives or mysterious treasures from grandparents. So how did I do it? And most important why did I do it?

When I went full time freelance I was employed in a romanian company producing e-learning materials and tools and I had a pretty good salary, all that corporate style life with the schedule and chain of command. During that time I got a couple of freelance gigs and I became more and more interested in this kind of lifestyle, also the money were much better.

I tested this for almost two years and I realized I will risk the safety of a regular job for this amazing new concept of freelancing. I did show my work on: - Personal Site

- Artstation - a great way to show off your work on a site full of professionals

- Instagram - Awesoem platform to show your artworks and create a small fan base

- Facebook - a bit more complex than instagram, looses popularity and purpose as a art protfolio

- Twitter - I am not using it as a main way of showing of but is just a connected service

- Thumblr - Also, not using it a lot but I think it kind of looks cool

The projects were almost constant since and a lot changed but in this time I evolved a lot from an artistic perspective and I had to learn how to deal with difficult people, how to read between the lines and to see inspiration where usually people will see hard tedious work.

I research new projects on multiple freelance sites such as Guru, Peopleperhour, Upwork, Freelancer, 99designs. Some of the work I did along the years:


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