• Vali Lancea

The Judgmental Skull

As a digital artist I need inspiration close to me and more important, I need feedback. I thought I might create something that resembles both concepts and this was the result. The Judgmental Skull is a pen holder that looks cool, mystical and well, judgmental. The "bad-ass-ness" of the skull will inspire your dark skills and remove completely the boringness from your desk.

I created it to be compatible with Wacom and Xp-pen products as I use both. The pen is hold by the plastic case so the tip is not under pressure at any time while is not used. The size of the skull is pretty small and it does not take much space on the desk. The pen can sit vertical or horizontal. It comes in white, grey, black, silver and gold.

Golden Judgmental Skull

I like to think this pen holder will inspire people. I also like very much the fact that a part of me and a part of my imagination and art will help other people's artistic process.

The Judgmental Skull will come with a original signed letter from me and with a authenticity certificate. The number of skulls will be created in 50 pieces for each color.

The price will be around 20$ More pictures of the skull are on my

- instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vlancea/

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vali.lancea/

You can preorder by PM



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