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Creating TCG Metaverse Dragons

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For this project the brief was light, TCG asked for some dragons without many descriptions or examples. Just a general idea of a dragon. We discussed a bit about pixel art and then we started the concepting stage. After a couple of discussions we agreed to start the concepting stage.

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In this stage we designed a bunch of options, starting with pixel art, then a bunch of sketches, then we narrowed the options to one design. After that we started the new step.

Tcg_Meta_verse v3-1 copy.jpg

The chosen option is this. this image ended the concepting stage. The image served as a base for the whole project.


In this stage I have designed about 140 items for the selected design and tested each to fit the design properly. The development stage is a complex one that involves creating the layers and testing them in various ways so they can be used in the next stage. TCG has provided feedback and I have implemented their opinions and suggestions.

This stage does not result in the collection but just the materials for it.


I took all the layers and connected them in a software. The program is be able to get instructions on how to combine them in such a way they will have rarity. They are unique and I  created for each image a metadata file describing it's attributes. File that will be interpreted by Opensea site.

The step took about 2 weeks to complete, including bug fixes, simulations, ipfs upload, rarity check, etc.
In the end basically the client had a functioning NFT Project. This particular project did about 200ETH in the first month.

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